ScanNCut SDX950 cutting machine for home and hobby

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Experience a whole new crafting experience with the ScanNCut SDX950. With the help of the fully automatic cutting knife, you can easily create unique gift tags, individual iron-on designs and much more. Use the drawing function to draw seam allowances on your fabrics or add personalized lettering to greeting cards. Your creativity knows no limits.


Get creative and discover the world of plotting with the Brother ScanNCut SDX950!

With the ScanNCut SDX950SK you can cut, draw, write, emboss and even scan. Create custom greeting cards, stickers, iron-on designs, labels, rhinestone designs and more.

You can cut virtually any material up to 3mm thick – all with one device – without an additional cutting template, computer or mobile device!*

Thanks to Brother’s innovative automatic knife sensor, the ScanNCut SDX950 detects the material thickness independently – you no longer have to adjust anything by hand!

The integrated servo motor of the ScanNCut DX series ensures whisper-quiet and precise work with every job – for a perfect cut, every time!

Plus, use the large, full-color touchscreen to edit, customize, and even create your own designs. This means you can use the plotter without a PC.

If you want even more, you can of course also use the free CanvasWorkspace software . With the help of wireless transmission via WLAN and the built-in USB port, you can easily transfer your files from your PC to the plotter.

For help and advice on setting up your machine, visit . Visit our video gallery to see the ScanNCut’s amazing features in action.

Check out our extensive optional accessories on our accessories page  . Discover e.g. Such as the Vinyl Auto Knife Kit, Rhinestone Starter Kit, Printable Sticker Starter Kit, Emboss Starter Kit, Stencil Sheets, Tattered Lace Sample Card, Roll Transport and so much more!

*In order to unlock all functions, additional sets may need to be purchased.


  • 682 pre-installed designs including quilt patterns
  • 7 fonts
  • Integrated 600 dpi scanner
  • 3.47 inch color LCD touch display
  • 297mm wide cutting surface
  • SVG file processing
  • Cuts materials up to 3 mm thick, such as: foil, foam rubber, felt or balsa wood
  • Fully automatic cutting knife
  • Max. 1.26 kg cutting force
  • Wireless data transmission via WLAN
  • Accurate, fast and quiet cutting thanks to the servo motor
  • USB port
  • Standalone – no PC required
  • Free “CanvasWorkspace” software for even more possibilities

In the box

  • Holder for automatic knife (3mm)
  • Automatic knife (3mm)
  • Normal Adhesive Mat 305mm x 305mm (12” x 12”)
  • Touch Pen
  • spatula
  • Accessory bag
  • Product Safety Guide
  • quick start Guide
  • Power cord



Cut out customized designs from materials up to 3mm thick. For example, create personalized greeting cards or stencils out of paper. Use foils to create unique iron-on designs or create your own stickers. Whether paper, foil, foam rubber, felt and much more – the possibilities are endless.

Benefit from the fully automatic knife, which independently detects the thickness of your material and adjusts it optimally thanks to knife sensor technology.

  • Paper
    For example, create personalized greeting cards, gift tags, bookmarks and much more.
  • Foils
    Cut out beautiful foil designs from iron-on foil and customize your textiles. Or use self-adhesive film and create your own stickers, wall tattoos, car lettering and much more in no time. And if you want particularly delicate designs, we recommend the vinyl automatic knife set  (also suitable for iron-on foil).
  • Fabric
    Let the ScanNCut SDX950 cut your fabric and save yourself time-consuming tailoring work with scissors. Optionally, you can use the new automatic rotary knife  , which is perfectly designed for working with fabric.
  • Stencil Material
    Use stencil materials to create your own stencils that you can use over and over again. Creating unique rhinestone templates is very popular, so you can easily embellish your textiles with unique rhinestone designs. The Rhinestone Starter Kit is particularly suitable for rhinestone stencils !
  • And much more
    With the ScanNCut SDX950 you have a wide range of opportunities to express your creativity. For example, you can even have individual bracelets cut out of imitation leather, create small stamps with foam rubber or even get creative with balsa wood – let your imagination run wild!


  • On paper
    Use our pen holder  in combination with our colored pens  and let the ScanNCut SDX950 draw very individual designs on your papers. For example, you can create personalized greeting cards and much more in no time. You can also use your own pens with the universal pen holder  – for even more individuality!
    And if you also want to create calligraphy projects, there are also suitable drawing materials for this ( Calligraphy Starter Kit ).
  • On fabric
    With the help of drawing pens, the ScanNCut SDX950 gives you the opportunity to precisely mark seam allowances and other sewing guidelines – making individual sewing, quilting and appliqué work easier than ever before. Our set of 2 erasable pens is perfect for this .

Note: Pen holder and pens are not included.


In addition to cutting and drawing projects, you can also create paper embossing projects with Brother embossing tools. Choose between simple line embossing or surface embossing and create individual bookmarks or greeting cards, for example.

Note: For the embossing function you need the Embossing Starter Kit , which can be purchased optionally.

Paper piercing

You can create paper pircing projects yourself, for example to customize invitation cards, thank you cards or picture frames made of paper with a great piercing effect.

Note: For the paper piercing function you need the paper piercing starter kit , which can be purchased optionally.

to scan

Welcome to a whole new world of innovation with the world’s first hobby and home cutting machine with the magic of a built-in scanner! You can scan virtually anything – drawings, hand-drawn sketches, magazine images, beloved photos, and many other templates – and then save them to the machine or to a USB storage device (not included). With the high-quality scanner you have the following options:

  • Direct Cut
    Simply scan your pattern onto your favorite paper or fabric using the “Direct Cut” function. You then select the area that you want to cut out and the machine automatically creates the contour cuts. This eliminates the need for time-consuming cutting with scissors.
  • Scan a Design to Cut File
    Scan your design and save it as a cut file. You can choose between outline cuts, detailed cuts and drawings. The ScanNCut SDX950 then converts your design automatically.
  • Scan background
    Scan your materials (paper, foil, fabric, etc.) and position your design with millimeter precision. This means you don’t waste any materials and you can still use even the smallest leftover materials.

Use, edit and combine (pre-installed) themes and fonts

Choose from five alphabets and 600 design templates including quilt and appliqué patterns and view it on the 3.7-inch color LCD touch display. You can choose from basic shapes, elaborate designs, frames, quilt patterns, fonts and much more. Use the pre-installed themes and fonts either individually or in combination:

  • Use and edit patterns individually
    Select individual designs and adapt them to your liking using the pattern editing functions. For example, you can resize your design, rotate it, duplicate it, create an offset, and more. Put together your own detailed designs to your heart’s content – without a computer.
  • Combine Multiple Designs
    Create custom cut designs from the wide variety of pre-programmed designs or from your gallery of scanned images. With the connection function, you can combine shapes, drawings, fonts and more directly on the large color LCD touchscreen. Detailed or complicated cuts can be combined into a design in seconds before cutting.

Large scanning and cutting area

With the included 12″ x 12″ cutting mat or the large 12″ x 24″ cutting mat (available as an optional accessory), you can quickly create and cut a wide variety of designs – from delicate snowflakes to a winter ornament to an inspiring saying for the living room wall at home. At the same time, the cutting mats can also serve as practical scanning mats.
On top of that, the ScanNCut SDX950 is compatible with the roll holder  . With this you can cut materials up to a length of 178 cm from a roll – perfect for car lettering and wall stickers.

Note: The roll holder is not included.

2 USB ports for storage media and PC connection

With the practical USB port, you can not only save your scanned files on the cutting machine but also transfer them from there to your PC using a USB stick. Conversely, you can of course also transfer cutting data from your PC to the plotter using a USB stick. USB stick not included.

SVG processing

Your ScanNCut SDX950 can read SVG files directly – no prior conversion necessary. This means you have more time to be creative.

WiFi function

You can send your designs directly from your free CanvasWorkspace account to the ScanNCut DX via Wi-Fi – no cables or USB drives.

Whisper-quiet and precise work thanks to the servo motor!


Standalone device

Use the color touchscreen to edit, zoom, adjust and even create your own designs – without a PC or mobile device. Save your designs to internal machine storage for later use.

Design software: CanvasWorkspace

Would you like additional functions or would you also like to use other designs?! Then use our free software “CanvasWorkspace” – without having to subscribe! You can easily create your own cutting files with the free software. The data created can be transferred to the machine directly from the PC or via a USB storage medium. Since a cloud-based version is also available, you can use it on the go. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

Print-to-cut feature for CanvasWorkspace

The Print to Cut feature  allows you to add registration marks to your CanvasWorkspace projects. You can then print out the registration marks along with your design. Your plotter recognizes the registration marks when scanning your printout and cuts out your pre-printed design even more precisely.

Note: The print-to-cut function is not included.

ScanNCut Link plugin for Adobe Illustrator

With the ScanNCut Link Plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator®  you can easily transfer your motifs from Adobe Illustrator to your plotter.

Note: The ScanNCut Link plug-in for Adobe Illustrator is not included.