Brother V3LE – Embroidery machine Innov-is Special Edition

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To celebrate our 110th anniversary, we introduced the innovative V3LE Brother Innov-is embroidery machine.

This new and improved large surface embroidery machine offers powerful features for higher quality designs – an expression of our constant pursuit of quality.

Thanks to screen processing, programmed yarn tables, easy connection and yarn sensors, you can rely on high quality workmanship. Functions such as automatic yarn cutter, LED lighting with a spectrum of natural light and yarn rollers that can be placed quickly make embroidery a child’s play.

The Innov-is V3LE builds on the success of the renowned Innov-is V3 and offers a larger embroidery area and an LED indicator for the position of the needle. This special limited edition brings speed, accuracy, intuition and control to your embroidery projects and helps you express your creativity with as little fuss as possible.

For help and tips on setting up your car, visit support.brother.com. Also check out our accessories page to make sure you have everything you need to get started.

Key Features :

Large embroidery area (200 x 300 mm) – ideal for larger projects
fast embroidery speed 1050 stitches per minute
LED indicator for drilling position
automatic yarn cutter
USB ports – for easy import of designs
Large touch LCD screen – with on-screen editing for embroidery projects
Yarn sensors, automatic yarn tension and easy interruption for easy handling and professional processing
LED lighting with a natural spectrum of light
Fast setting feature and standalone automatic winding
over 200 programmed embroidered patterns


Large embroidery area
The Innov-is V3LE embroidery area allows you to embroider up to 200 x 300 mm. All in one step (without having to move the ring of clothes). Two embroidery frames (200 x 300 mm and 200 x 200 mm) are included in the delivery area.

Embroidery legs with LED indicators
The LED indicator integrated on the standard V3LE embroidery leg shows exactly the point of needle entry. This way, the embroidery patterns can be positioned accurately.

Working area of ​​28.5 x 12.7 cm
The large work area (11 inches to the right of the needle) ensures exceptional use and ease in handling your project. Innov-is V3LE is ideally suited for large projects such as quilts and home textiles

Large touch LCD screen
Glossy, high-resolution 7-inch LCD screen with 260,000 colors offers convenient controls with which you can choose patterns, change and adjust embroidery patterns. These handy features make it easy to create projects with a preview of the motifs on the color screen. Here you can rotate, zoom in and out quickly and easily add motifs and add letters at the touch of a button.

Up to 1050 stitches per minute
At high speeds (up to 1050 stitches per minute) you have the freedom to create beautiful embroidery faster than ever before.

Automatic needle threader
Automatic screwing of the needle at the push of a button.

LED lighting with a full spectrum of light
Extra bright lighting system with a natural spectrum of light. Can be placed on the touch screen.

Large selection of embroidered designs built
You have 224 embroidered designs built in: Autumn, Fashion, Japanese, Flowers, Zündt patterns and a large selection of alphabets. Let your imagination run wild!

Thread sensors
Practical upper and lower thread sensors warn you when a thread breaks or will run out.

Independent automatic winding
This means you no longer need to stop your embroidery in the future.

USB port
To import or export motives quickly and easily, simply connect your PC to the USB port or insert a USB storage device.

Rapid introduction of pasture
Simply insert a full coil, pull the yarn through the guide and you are ready to start embroidering.

Guiding mechanism for embroidery frames
Thanks to the uncomplicated guide mechanism, embroidery frames can be inserted or removed quickly.

Holder for 10 yarn rolls (optional)
The ten-thread holder fastens securely to the machine and has ten vertical spool pins – to feed the thread or store the coils so that the colors often used are close by.

Border frame 100 x 300 mm (optional)
For embroidery of beautiful patterns and continuous borders. Ideal for many different jobs – from fashion to home textiles.

Pre-wound bobbins (optional)
Brother pre-wound coils save time and thus increase productivity. Simply place the box and start embroidering. An added benefit is that the coils are reusable.