Brother 1034DX Sewing machine


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Brother 1034DX is perfect for finishing, home decorating and sewing creative fashion. Expand your creative options with the 1034DX server. In addition to finishing the edges and fringes of a wide range of fabrics, this serger allows you to easily create ruffles, decorative edges and piles, as well as use decorative threads for personalized details.

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This serger works with 3 or 4 threads, for flexibility to increase.

Perform more servings, faster, with the ability to sew up to 1300 stitches per minute. Color-coded guides printed on the machine tell you exactly where to place each thread, for smooth threading. No need to pull out the manual when you want to insert fillets into your computer!

With 1034DX your projects will have the final touch! Multiple yarn options – easily convert between 3 or 4 yarns for both knitting and woven fabrics Bright LED Soft protection soft cover Guide video on included CD Use standard sewing machine needles.

Classic edge seams
The wrapper has a 4-thread edge for sewing and wrapping fabric edges, a 3-thread edge for cleaning fabric edges, a roll edge and a narrow edge for finishing thin fabric edges, and a flat seam to decorate your sewing.

Easy and fast yarn
Follow the color threading instructions on the machine or tie the ends of the yarn and pull the threads through the guides.

Flawless borders on any fabric
For best results, have adjusters for length (2 – 4 mm) and width (2.3 – 7 mm), compression pressure and yarn tension. Using a differential feed regulator results in the edges of elongated stretch fabrics and the edges of thin fabrics not stretching.

Sewing with and without cutters
Use a cutter to clean the edges of the fabric. If necessary, turn the top edge to the bottom position and sew without cutting the edge of the fabric.

The working surface of the machine can be easily changed to sew tubular parts.

LED lighting
The working surface of the machine is effectively illuminated.