ScanNCut – CM300


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Best suited to beginners and intermediate crafters. With a 300-dpi, highly-accurate built-in scanner, the ScanNCut CM300 makes it incredibly easy to bring all your crafting ideas to life. Simply take any image, photo or hand drawn sketch, scan it, and then precisely cut the shapes or outline you want, all in one machine.


Available on back-order

There’s no limit to what you can create with the help of the ScanNCut CM300.

As the world’s first range of home and hobby cutting machines offering a built-in scanner, Brother’s ScanNCut machines are unique. ScanNCut machines allow you to scan any image or sketch and have the machine precisely cut the shapes or outlines, with no need for design cartridges or a PC.

As the most affordable machine in the line-up, the ScanNCut CM300 is ideal for those looking to avoid the hassle of hand cutting paper and fabrics. Edit your designs on-screen then set this clever machine to work creating anything from basic shapes through to intricate designs – it really is that easy!

For help and advice on setting up your sewing machine, visit, and you can also take a look at our accessories page to make sure you have everything you need to get started.

Main features
  • Bright, large colour LCD touchscreen display
  • Built-in scanner
  • Scan your design and save it as a cut or draw file
  • 600 built-in designs including 100 quilt patterns, 5 fonts
  • Scan your design and save it as a cut or draw file
  • Optional pen draw
  • 11.7″ (297 mm) width cutting area
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